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Grant Foster

Faith, redemption and revenge lie at the forefront of Foster’s practice. Spanning painting, sculpture and collage he positions himself between the dogmatic traditions of the past and the present infallibility of reason. Reconfiguring tabloid culture into the codes of British Romantic portrait painting, he suggests parallels between two incongruous worlds united by a potentially devious and questionable morality.

Foster’s recent body of work takes as its cue the reformative and transformative effects of punishment. The psychodrama of sacrifice is played out in a world abandoned by God, as crudely formed heads are hastily collaged together, tokens of revenge for thickly painted children to play against.

Tender and hysterical, sardonic and earnest, voices of black humor run throughout Foster’s work. These voices raise the question - what are the acceptable limits of belief? In an age of secularism and profanity where do we channel our faith? The everyday superhero, the talent contestant, the conspiracy theorist, the religious extremist and even the artist, are conduits for an experience of faith that is unified by a sense of absurdity. By asking what is beyond the pale, the human need for belief is oddly re-affirmed.

Grant Foster graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012 and lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions include ‘The Walnut Tree’, Chinashop, London, 2013; ‘Mute and Impotent Before the Boot’, Post Box Gallery, London, 2009. Selected group exhibition include ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013’, touring, UK, 2013; 'Painting Show, Winter Projects , London, UK, 2013; ‘Implausible Imposters’, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, 2013 (forthcoming); ‘Creekside Open’, APT Gallery, London, 2013; ‘The Harboured Guest’, 4 Windmill street, London, 2012; ‘Show RCA’, Royal College of Art, London, 2012; ‘Backwards Man’, CPG, London, 2012; ‘Memory of a Hope’, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011; ‘Polemically Small’, Torrance Art Museum, Torrence, CA, 2011; ‘Hello Paradise’, Kinsgate Gallery, London, 2011. Grant Foster was a prize winner in the 2008 John Moores Painting Prize.
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