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Doug Jones

Working on an impressive scale, utilising domestic craft and consumable goods, Jones sculptures and installations invite us to reflect on personal and collective desire in the context of mass consumerism and its global impact. Challenging us to consider what happens when we push ourselves to the edge of reason, Jones' tongue in cheek take on how innocent belief systems can lead to power corrupt, provide commanding encounters. Drawing on European ecclesiastical references and more recent shocking media imagery such as Mugabe's rebels wreaking havoc in Toyotas, Jones creates disconcerting myths and insights into belief systems and the shadowy narratives of concealed worlds - whether that be the church or British holidaymaker traditions.

Doug Jones was born in London, 1967 and lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Alieni Luris', Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, 2012; 'Caeteris Paribus', ASC Gallery, London, 2011; 'Alieni Luris', MAC, Birmingham, 2011; 'Cessante Causa', Solihull Gallery, Solihull, 2011; 'Lares et Penates' Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011 and 'Non Sum Qualis Eram', Exeter Pheonix Gallery, Exeter, 2009. Group exhibitions include 'Deptford X', London, 2013; 'I Art Peckham Shops', London, 2012; 'Deptford X', London, 2012; 'Memory of a Hope', Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011; 'All Systems Go', Departure Gallery, London, 2010; 'The Dartboard for Witches', Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, 2010; 'Beyond Pattern', Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown and national touring show, 2009/10 and 'Trident Way Residency Exhibition', London, 2009.
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