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Jen Liu

Jen Liu's paintings on paper, videos and installations draw on diverse histories to construct fictions that connect with and interrogate contemporary society. For each inter-related series Liu develops texts that begin with a single line of enquiry, such as 'the environment gets worse', which metamorphosise into giant, abstract, dazzlingly seductive watercolours, shot through with sampling, salvaging and recycling from modernism to constructivism. In association with these she devises and produces all aspects of her films (rarely featuring dialogue), resulting in dream-like non-linear narratives with fantastical props and costumes, infused with a delicious reverie of music and the absurd, but which always retain a melancholia that subverts and enhances our observations in the work and the worlds we inhabit.

Jen Liu was born in New York, 1976. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Solo ad two person exhibitions include 'Mallorca Landings', Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2014 (forthcoming) 2014; 'Come One Come All', Citizen M, New York, NY, 2013; 'Melon Mysticism for Everyone, Manhattan Bridge commission by ISP, New York, USA, 2013; 'Initial Public Offerings', Space of Drawings, Copenhagen, 2012; 'SOD Invites: Jen Liu (performance)', Antechamber Project Space, Copenhagen, 2012; 'SIX COLORFUL TALES: OF THE EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM (WOMEN)' with John Baldessari, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011; 'Brody Condon and Jen Liu', On Stellar Rays, New York, 2010; 'The Last Alphabet/Pasta Belt Health', Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NL, 2009 and 'Drastic Measures, Unknown Pleasures', Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2008. Group exhibitions include 'Pleasure Paradox', MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, 2013; 'Salon der Angst', Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2013; 'Hold This Object Up Until There is Nothing Left of You', Modern Edinburgh Film School, Edinburgh, UK, 2013; 'Implausible Imposters', Ceri Hand Gallery, London, UK 'I Like the Way You Move', Edinburgh Arts Festival, Edinburgh, UK, 2013; 'The Scenery Changes Three Times', Schema Projects, New York, USA, 2013; 'Nite Flights', The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK, 2013; 'Reverse Engineering', Paraflows, Vienna, Austria, 2012; 'FOLIO', Soloway, Brooklyn, New York', 2012; 'SPACE. About a Dream', Kunsthalle Wein, Austria, 2011, 'Utopian Structures', ALTE FABRIK, Berlin, Germany, 2011, 'You Can Heal Your Life!', curated by Emma Gray, Circus Gallery, LA, 2010, and 'The Fruits of Traumata', with Olaf Brzeski, Theresa Frolich, Czarna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2009.
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