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Black Hole Hums B Flat
11 October 2010  -  14 November 2010

Henny Acloque, Mel Brimfield, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Samantha Donnelly, S Mark Gubb, Matthew Houlding, Doug Jones, Juneau Projects, Rebecca Lennon, Jen Liu, Eleanor Moreton, Bedwyr Williams

The black hole lives in the Perseus cluster of galaxies, located 250 million light-years away. The pitch of [its] sound can be determined. Although far too low to be heard, it is calculated to be B flat'. 'Black Hole Hums B Flat,' BBC News, September 10, 2003

Toilet paper, gum, and socks are the plain objects of amnesia. Their march to the void is casual. Other situations require fingers in ears, shirts over eyes, whatever it takes to drown in the deep registers of unhearing and unseeing.

Certain things are calculable, and then there are the things we don't want to calculate. There they are, piles of rubbish too puffy for their bins. Walk on by, and it will be as if that world was never born.

FORGET: Memories are not recoverable

FORGIVE: Plumes of blackness, unpluggable holes

FORAGE: Flashes on the flat horizon

FERAL: Colours that were licit become ill-


Jen Liu June 2010

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