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Memory of a Hope - Ceri Hand Gallery
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Memory of a Hope
05 August 2011  -  03 September 2011

Andrew Graves, Angus Braithwaite, Anthony Shapland, Antoine L'Heureux, Bedwyr Williams, Clare Kenny, Dan Ford, Doug Jones, Eleanor Moreton, Elizabeth Rowe, Geraint Evans, Grant Foster, Henny Acloque, James Ireland, Jen Liu, Joseph Welden, Juneau Projects, Kim Rugg, Louise Bristow, Mary Griffiths, Matthew Houlding, Mel Brimfield, Mernet Larsen, Nevan Lahart, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Peter Harris, Rebecca Lennon, Riccardo Baruzzi, Rita Sobral Campos, Samantha Donnelly, Simon Faithfull, S Mark Gubb, Stuart Edmundson, Tamy Ben-Tor, Tessa Power, Vicky Wright

“Ideology collapses and vanishes, utopianism atrophies, but something great is left behind: the memory of a hope”, Henri Lefebvre.

Devised with gallery artist Matthew Houlding, this summer exhibition draws on a key text by Henri Lefebvre and the autobiographical writing of JG Ballard, reflecting spaces caught between construction, destruction and nostalgia.

Each gallery artist was invited to select two artists in response to Houlding’s concept. The resulting exhibition includes 36 artists and over 100 art works, including film, photography, painting, sculpture, text and audio work - much of it seen for the first time in the UK.

Rita Sobrol Campos’ The Last Faust Myth In The History Of Mankind (2009) is a C-print of a text produced on an old Olivetti typewriter, on which geometric designs overlap and mask aspects of a script that brings together the 20th century writer Fernando Pessoa and his multiple alter egos; the great con-man Arthur Alves dos Reis, whose fabricated life nearly bankrupt the Portuguese state; the 15th century heroine Joan of Arc and Bandarra, a popular prophet from the 16th century obsessed with the mystical 5th Empire. Regardless of the time lapses and geographic distances, the characters are able to interact via the classic science fiction travel method - the teleporter.

In Yid (2010), Tamy Ben Tor performs to camera as a grotesque amalgamation of a male Jewish character (complete with fake, disintegrating moustache, eyebrows and putty nose), spitting about his greedy wife, simultaneously embodying and portraying a racist, sexist, xenophobe, absurdly reflecting the artists profound mistrust of image and language to convey any kind of truth.

Angus Braithwaite’s life size photograph Portrait of the Artist as Avant-Garde (2011) depicts the artist in a hand made uniform of the Brunswick avant-garde (a Napoleonic Prussian regiment that fought in Waterloo). Founded in performance, Braithwaite’s work explores how documenting tools such as print, film, sculpture/artefact or photography alter our reading of the original or true event and examines the line between myth and reality.

John Moores 25 prize-winner Grant Foster’s characters bear witness to humanity at its most extreme, within paintings indicative of barbaric practices like butchery and torture. His subjects have included soldiers and martyrs, victims and villains. Relic (2008), one of his paintings in the show, has eyes made from coils of braided hair found on the street, the nose a hollowed cavern, and the mouth a reckless red-grin.

James Ireland’s sculpture, Scenic View, Mountains (2011) abstracts and reduces the language of natural forms to its simplest expression, manufacturing epic visions of landscape that withhold their inherent promise of the sublime.

Riccardo Baruzzi’s candy coloured racked abstract paintings Untitled, (2011) allude to the agency of desire and both the weight and potential freedom inherent in the language of abstract painting, each work echoing the last and in the shadow of the next.

Rebecca Lennon’s audio work The Scream (2011), hypnotically relays the words ‘Now’ or ‘The Now’ extracted (in order) from self help guru Ekhart Tolle’s online audio exercises, played out via an Apple speaker. Lennon toys with the slippery relationship between cult, commodity, spirituality, authority/manipulation and madness.

Matthew Houlding presents a photograph of a swimming pool in East Africa that he swam in as a child, Kilimanjaro (2011) alongside a major new work: A Reproduction of One of the Twelve Decorative Columns Located Within the Casino of the Oceanic Hotel. Designed by Walter May, 1956 (2011) - a giant totem to the past and memorial to the future.

Notes to editors:
Book launch and signing of Bedwyr Williams new book: BEDWYR, I THINK I MISSED YOUR PERFORMANCE

Bedwyr Williams selected Nevan Lehart and Peter Harris
Doug Jones selected Antoine L’Heureux and Riccardo Baruzzi
Eleanor Moreton selected Andrew Graves and Grant Foster
Henny Acloque selected Kim Rugg and Vicky Wright
Jen Liu selected Mernet Larson and Rita Sobral Campos
Juneau Projects selected Elizabeth Rowe and Joseph Welden
Matthew Houlding selected James Ireland and Stuart Edmundson
Mel Brimfield selected Geraint Evans and Tamy Ben-Tor
Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson selected Mary Griffiths and Simon Faithfull
Rebecca Lennon selected Angus Braithwaite and Tessa Power
Samantha Donnelly selected Clare Kenny and Louise Bristow
S Mark Gubb selected Dan Ford and Anthony Shapland

Andrew Graves (b. 1967) lives and works in London, UK. Andrew has exhibited in Mind’s Matters, Gallery Kusseneers Antwerp, Belgium, 2011, The Perfect Crime, Malvern Gallery, Worcester, UK, 2011, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, The Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany, 2010 and Between the Possible and the Real - 4 British Abstract Painters, Galerie Kusseneers, Antwerp, Belgium, 2010.

Angus Braithwaite (b. 1984) lives and works in London. Angus’s exhibitions include J T Project 10, J T Gallery, London, UK, 2011, Failures of Aviation (performance), Whitstable Biennale, Whitstable, Devon, UK (forthcoming), 2010, Almost a Solo Show, Supine Studios, London, UK, 2009 and Deviant Art Festival, Konsthallen Trollhattan, Trollhåttan, Sweden, 2009. Angus has just graduated from MA Fine Art, The Slade, London, UK, 2011.

Anthony Shapland (b. 1971) lives and works in Cardiff, UK. Anthony’s exhibitions include The painting, Supercollider, Blackpool, UK, 2010, Portmanteau, Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany, 2010, Twoscore, Chapter cinema, Cardiff, UK, 2010, Ffilm 2, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, UK, Portrait (For a Screenplay) of Beth Harmon, Limoncello, London, UK, 2009, En Residencia Laboral, Gijon, Spain, 2009 and Night: A Time Inbetween group show, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, 2008.

Antoine L'Heureux (b. 1978) lives and works in London, UK. Antoine had a solo exhibition at Platform China Contemporary Art Institute - 798 Project Space, Beijing, China, 2008. He is currently studying for his PhD at Goldsmiths, London, UK.

Bedwyr Williams (b. 1976) Lives and works in Caemarfon, Wales. Solo exhibitions include Nimrod, Oriel Davies Gallery, 2011, The Jinx, 1857, Oslo, 2010 and Nimrod, Ceri Hand Gallery, 2009. Bedwyr’s group exhibitions include ERNSTE TIERE, Kunstverein Bonn, Bonn, 2011, SHOW, Jerwood Space, London, 2011 and The Eccentric, The Idiosyncratic and The Unpredictable, Schirman & de Beaucé, Paris, 2010

Clare Kenny (b. 1976) lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. Clare has recently had solo shows Clare Kenny & Manon Bellet, Galerie Gisèle Linder, Basel, Switzerland, 2011 and Your truth is my Lie, ABBT PROJECTS, Zürich, Switzerland, 2011. Group exhibitions include The Travelling Artist, Basel, Vienna, Budapest, 2011, Das Wandernde Bild, Coalmine Gallery, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2011 and Regionale11, Plug-in, Basel, Switzerland, 2010.

Dan Ford (b. 1985) lives and works in Nottingham, UK. Dan had a solo show All Killer no filler, MOOT, Nottingham, UK, 2009. Group exhibitions include B.C #1, New Gallery, Peckham, London, UK, 2011, Pile, Chapter, Cardiff and Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK, 2010/11, Psychic Geography, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2010 and Exeter Contemporary Open, Phoenix Centre, Exeter, UK, 2010

Doug Jones (b.1967) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include Alieni Luris, MAC, Birmingham, 2011, Cessante Causa, Solihull Gallery, Solihull, 2011, Lares et Penates, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011 and Non Sum Qualis Eram, Exeter Pheonix Gallery, Exeter, 2009. Group exhibitions include ALL SYSTEMS GO, Departure Gallery, London, 2010, The Dartboard for Witches, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, 2010 and Beyond Pattern, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, 2009.

Eleanor Moreton (b.1956) lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions include The Lady of Shallot Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, 2010 and Im Wartezimmer, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool and Harewood House, Leeds, 2010. Recent group exhibitions include Make Believe, Galerie Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, 2011, Behind the Mask, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2010 and Fade Away, Transition Gallery, London, 2010.

Elizabeth Rowe (b. 1974) lives and works in Birmingham, UK. Solo exhibitions include If distance was an object between us, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL, 2009 and Tiny Details, Grotesque Proportions, The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK, 2008. Group exhibitions include Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, London, UK, 2010, The Art of Witchcraft, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 2010 and Video Progetto, 26cc, Rome, Italy, 2010.

Geraint Evans (b. 1968) lives and works in London, UK. Solo exhibitions include (title tbc), Newport Museum and Art Gallery, UK, 2012 and Back out on that road again…, Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK, 2004. Group exhibitions include Mostyn Open, Oriel Mostyn Gakkery, Llandudno, Wales, 2011, Prophets at Home, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK, 2011, John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 2010 and Three on the Bund, Shanghai Art gallery, Shanghai, China, 2010.

Grant Foster (b.1982) lives and works in London, UK. He won the John Moores painting prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 2008. He had a solo show Mute and Impotent Before the Boot, Post Box Gallery, London, UK 2009 and group exhibitions include The Future Can Wait presents "Polemically Small", Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA, 2011, Hello Paradise, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK, 2011 and Between a Hole and a Home, James Taylor Gallery, London, UK, 2010.

Henny Acloque (b. 1979) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Circumstances', First Floor Projects, London, 2010 and 'A Dressing', Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2009. Group exhibitions include Polemically Small’, The Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA, 2011, Fade Away, Transition Gallery, London, 2010 and The Future Can Wait, The Truman Brewery, London, 2009. Henny has recently been selected for the Threadneedle Art Prize 2011, Mall Galleries, London, UK.

James Ireland (b.1977) lives and works in London, UK. James’s solo shows include James Ireland, Art-O-Rama, Marseille, France, 2008 and The Difference Between Truth And Honesty, FA Projects, London, UK, 2007 and You Mistake My Horror For Love, Economist Plaza, London, UK, 2007. Group exhibitions include Exteriority, London, UK, 2010, So That I May Come Back, Danielle Arnaud, London, UK, 2010 and X Artworks In A Straight Line (Seeking The Perfect Sphere), CRISP, London, UK, 2010.

Jen Liu (b. 1976) lives and works in New York, USA. Solo exhibitions include Brody Condon and Jen Liu, On Stella Rays, New York, 2010, The Last Alphabet/Pasta Belt Health, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2009 and Drastic Measures, Unknown Pleasures, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2008. Group exhibitions include Space. About a Dream, Kunsthalle Wien, Switzerland, 2011, Utopian Structures, ALTEFABRIK, Berlin, Germany, 2011 and You Can Heal Your Life!, curated by Emma Gray, Circus Gallery, LA, 2010.

Joseph Welden (b. 1987) lives and works in Birmingham, UK. Joe has recently shown in group exhibitions including The Lombard Method, Guest curated by Sean Edwards, Article Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 2011, Meanwhile in Birmingham, Rogue Project Space, Manchester, UK, 2010 and Some people deserve everything they get, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK, 2010. He has recently performed for VIVID, Birmingham, UK, 2011, Matts Gallery, London, UK, 2010 and Wysing Art Centre, UK, 2010 with Juneau Projects.

Juneau Projects are Philip Duckworth, born in Iserlohn, Germany, 1976 and Ben Sadler, born in Birmingham, UK, 1977. Both live and work in Birmingham, UK. Solo exhibitions include 3 Megabytes of HotRAM, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2011, Trappenkamp, Tate Britain, 2008; I Went to Woods, New Art Gallery Walsall, 2008; Aggressive Localism, MIMA, Middleborough, 2007. Group exhibitions include The Witching Hour, Birmingham Art Gallery, 2010, Small is Beautiful XXVIII, Flowers Gallery, London, 2010, The Library of Babel/In and Out of Place, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2010 and Party!, New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, 2010.

Kimberly Rugg (b. 1963) lives and works in London. Kim’s solo shows include Please Write, Posted Projects, London, UK, 2010, SOLO SHOW, P.P.O.W gallery, New York 2011 and Please Remain Calm, Mark Moore gallery, Santa Monica, USA, 2010. Group exhibitions include The Collective, NETTIE HORN, London, UK, 2010, Two-person exhibition: Leo Fitzmaurice & Kim Rugg, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK, 2010, Pattern Recognition, The City Gallery, Leicester, UK, 2009 and Suns Neither Rise Nor Set, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2009.

Louise Bristow (b. 1966) lives and works in Brighton, UK. Solo shows include at the Cobden Club, London, UK, 2010 and Hidden Persuaders / Geheime Verführer, Laura Mars Grp, Berlin and Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 2009. Group exhibitions include Zipor, Ziporim, Ziporra Galerie Lichtpunkt, Munich, Germany, 2010, Collaged: Tracey Eastham with Louise Bristow, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, UK, 2009 and Hinterlands, Trafalgar Works, Portslade, Brighton, UK, 2009.

Mary Griffiths (b. 1965) lives and works in Manchester, UK. Exhibitions include Workhouse, The Hive, Manchester, UK, 2011, This and That, Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2009, Four Artists from the Manchester School of Art, FAFA Gallery, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, 2009 and Jerwood Drawing Prize 2008, Jerwood Space, London and touring, UK, 2008.

Matthew Houlding (b. 1966) lives and works in Todmorden. Solo exhibitions include The Chemosphere, New Art Gallery Walsall, 2010 and Sons of Pioneers, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool and The De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on Sea, 2009. Group exhibitions include In Wonder Vermilion, Manchester, 2011, Urban Origami, Pumphouse Gallery, London, 2010, Take Shape –Make Shift // Pendre Forme – Provisoire, Les Instants Chavires, Paris, 2010, Strange Days and Some Flowers, Storey Gallery, Preston, 2009

Mel Brimfield (b.1967) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include This is Performance Art – Performed Sculpture and Dance, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, 2011, This is Performance Art: Performed Sculpture and Dance, Camden Art Centre, London, 2010 and Waiter Waiter, There’s a Sculpture in my Soup: Part II, Performance Art and Comedy from Gutai to the Present, Pumphouse Gallery, London, 2009 and Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2008. Group exhibitions include LOCATE, 3 commissions curated by Sarah Williams, with Aura Satz and Sarah Pickering at Jerwood Visual Arts, London, 2010.

Mernet Larson (b.1940) lives and works in Florida, USA. Mernet has recently has solo exhibitions including The Fitting Room (3 person show), Vogt Gallery, NYC, USA, 2011, Regina Rex Gallery, Bushwick, NY, USA, 2011 and Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA , USA, 2011. Group exhibitions include Decameron, New York Studio School Gallery, NY, USA, 2010, Fringe, Tampa Museum of Art, Florida, USA, 2010 and Selections from Permanant Collection, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Russia, 2010.

Nevan Lahart (b. 1973) lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Solo shows include A Title in a Haystyack (2 Bit Part time Amateur Productions), Triskel Arts Center, Cork, Ireland, 2011 and A Colonial Subject in Washington DC, Solus Nua, Washington DC, USA, 2010. Group exhibitions include Wake Amusements - Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2011, Blasphemy, The Dock, Leitrim, Ireland, 2010, Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2010 and Ten Years Hunting [The Trophy Room], Parkers Box, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2010.

Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson (b. 1968 and 1965) Ian lives and works in Manchester and Nick lives and works in Berlin. Solo exhibitions include Stolen Artifact, Kotti-Shop, Berlin, 2011; The Fireworks, Isolation Room, St Louis, 2011; No Sign of Helicopters, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2010, The Carriers Prayer, Newlyn Art Gallery, 2009 and At 25 Metres, FACT, Liverpool, 2008. Group exhibitions include Dimensions in Contemporary British Art, British Council, Delhi, 2010; The Way We Do Art Now, Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, 2010, Re-make/Re-model, National Glass Centre, Sunderland, 2010/11 and Stranger Things are Happening, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 2009.

Peter Harris (b. 1967) lives and works in London, UK. He currently has a solo show I’d laugh but there’s no punch line – Version, Mummery + Schnelle, London, UK, 2011. His recent group shows include Self Determination = Power, Sorcha Dallas Gallery, Glasgow, UK, 2011, Galeria Progresso, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2011, The Tyranny of Grammer, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton, UK, 2011 and Building, Dwelling, Thinking, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK, 2008.

Rebecca Lennon (b. 1981) lives and works in London. She graduated from the MA Fine Art, The Slade, London in 2010. Solo exhibitions include We are Stuck Here Together, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2010 and Since They Got Rid of Time, Galerie Metro, Berlin, 2008. Group shows include Re Read, Assembly Projects, London, 2011, Making Ships in Bottles, Cafe Gallery Projects, London, 2010, Spasticus Artisticus, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2010 and The Economy of the Gift, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2010.

Riccardo Baruzzi (b. 1976) lives and works in Milan, Italy. Exhibitions include One more Reality, Documentsdartists, Milan, Italy, 2010, Non Totalmente immenari, ne completamente nudi, GCAC, Monfalcone, Italy, 2010 and Il raccolto d’autunno e stato abbondante, careof and viafarini, Milan, Italy. 2009. Baruzzi has collaborated with Enrico Malatesta and Lorenzo Sonni on the music project ‘Sportwear Revenge’ since 2008

Rita Sobral Campos (b. 1982) lives and works in New York, USA. Solo exhibitions include Teletransporter, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto, Portugal, 2009 and Unclehead (in collaboration with Alexandre Singh), Fundação EDP, Lisbon, Portugal, 2007. Group exhibitions include A Vernacular of Violence, Invisible-Exports Gallery, New York, USA, 2010, Exposição #4, Espaço BESART, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009, Anabasis. Rituals of Homecoming, curated by Adam Budak, Ludwik Grohman Villa e Book Art Museum, Lodz, Poland, 2009 and Opções e futuros – Obras da colecção da Fundação PLMJ, Museu da Cidade, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009.

Samantha Donnelly (b. 1978) lives and works in Manchester. Solo exhibitions include Shoulder to Shoulder, Ceri Hand Gallery, 2011, Compendium, Vitrine Gallery, London, 2010 and Sheer Sliver, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2009. Recent group exhibitions include The Shape We're In, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2011, Perhaps Something, Perhaps Nothing, Leeds Met Gallery, Leeds, 2009 and Collage London/New York, FRED Gallery, London, 2009. Samantha has a solo exhibition at the Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester in 2012.

Simon Faithfull (b.1966) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Simon’s solo exhibitions include Going Nowhere, Simon Faithfull, Parker’s Box, New York, USA, 2011, Simon Faithfull: Recent Findings, Harris Museum, Preston, UK, 2010 and Gravity Sucks, British Film Institute, London, UK, 2009. Group exhibitions include Secret Satellites, Belfast Exposed, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2011, Lines Fiction, Fruehsorge | Galerie für Zeichnung, Berlin, Germany, 2011, To the Elements! Aesthetic Phenomena of Climate Change, Goethe-Institut, New York, USA, 2010 and Spatial City: An Architecture of Idealism, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, USA, 2010.

S Mark Gubb (b.1974) lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. Solo exhibitions include How Should I Live? (Maybe That's Not The Question), Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2010 and Aspex, Portsmouth, 2011, The Bewildered Herd: Text works and other things 2004-2010, Concrete Hermit Gallery, London, 2010. Group exhibitions include Pile, Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff, 2011, Dirty Kunst, SEVENTEEN, London, 2010, S Mark Gubb, Damien Roach and Helen Marten, Curated by David Thorp, Matthew Bown Gallery, Berlin, 2010 and They Do Things Differently There, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2010. Mark will participate in the Dublin Contemporary in September 2011.

Stuart Edmundson (b.1976) lives and works in Manchester, UK. He recently had a solo exhibition Forget your future plans, International 3, Manchester, UK, 2010. Group exhibitions include 1916,Triangle Space, Chelsea, London, UK, 2010, Between Tracks, Badhauss, St Gallen, Switzerland, 2009, For Real, Spike Island, Bristol, UK, 2009 and Artstranspennine 08, Manchester, Leeds, Hull, UK, 2008.

Tamy Ben-Tor (b. 1975) lives and works in New York, USA. Tamy had solo shows including Disembodied Archetypes, Salon 94, New York, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY and Stefan Stux Gallery, New York, NY, USA (performance), 2010, Disembodied Archetypes, Beaumont Public + Königbloc, Luxembourg, Belgium, 2010 and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2009. Group exhibitions include Monanism, Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, Australia, 2011 and Recent Contemporary Video from Israel, Japan and Mexico, REDCAT, Los Angeles, 2011.

Tessa Power (b. 1984) Lives and works in London, UK and graduated from MA Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK, 2010. She has recently exhibited in JTP10, James Taylor Gallery, London, UK, 2010, Prop, Departure Gallery, London, UK, 2010, Alternate Versions Alternate, Wayward Gallery, London, UK, Kinetoscope Parlour, The Old Workhouse, Callan, Co. Killkenny, Ireland, 2010 and Gesamtkunstwerk 2012 Debut Salon Show, The Hackney Rose, London, UK, 2010.

Vicky Wright (b.1967) lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions include The Informants, Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK, 2010, Comma 14, Bloomberg SPACE, London, UK, 2009. Group exhibitions include Among Flesh, Alison Jacques Gallery, London, UK, 2011, the milkplus bar, Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK, 2010, Special Effects in Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 2010 SV10 Members’ Show, Studio Voltaire, London, UK, 2010. Vicky was nominated for the John Moores Painting prize in 2008.

For a full list of works, images and more information on the exhibiting artists please visit or contact Lucy Johnston or Ceri Hand on
0044 (0) 151 207 0899.

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