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The Everything and Nothing Problem
25 June 2013  -  25 June 2013

Angus H Braithwaite, Olivier Castel, Beth Collar, Chloe Cooper, Mary Hurrell, Rebecca Lennon, Louisa Martin, Francesco Pedraglio

Ceri Hand Gallery in partnership with Jerwood Visual Arts presents:

The Everything and Nothing Problem
Tuesday 25 June 6.30 - 9.00pm

Angus H Braithwaite, Olivier Castel, Beth Collar, Chloe Cooper, Mary Hurrell, Rebecca Lennon, Louisa Martin, Francesco Pedraglio

The Everything and Nothing Problem is a unique event featuring live and ephemeral works by London-based artists.

Past and present are collapsed, subjectivities displaced, and site, body and object are transformed in an evening of works which incorporate performative language, costume, disjointed narratives and behaviours, and temporary objects.

The Everything and Nothing Problem was devised by Rebecca Lennon and Louisa Martin, and accompanies the exhibition Fresh Trauma at Ceri Hand Gallery.

Louisa Martin, Front (2013)
A reverse strip; actions enable specific intimate distance exchange; more is more. Choreography devised with and performed by Kyrie Oda.

Chloe Cooper, Feeling Feelings (2013)
An invitation to participate in a feeling, a collective exploration of the affective presence and physiognomic appeal of objects in space.

Rebecca Lennon, That thought had a brother (a history of the zero) (2013), Your Edible Legacy, Screenprint on cotton bag (2013)
A video lecture conspiracy theory on the history of the Zero from the Mayans through Sacrifice to Love to Food and back to Sacrifice. The speaker sits inanimately behind a totem of monitors with only her legs showing, while a pre-recorded voice speaks for her and a three channel video montage plays out. Voice: Gillis Mackinnon.

Mary Hurrell, Composition for the Glasshouse (2013)
A performance layering de-contextualised images and information, collaged together through movement and sound.

Angus H Braithwaite, Death, Rebirth, Death, Rebirth, Death, Rebirth (2013)
Under the impression that near death experience stimulates avant-garde production, the artist will use props and visual stimulus to recount those times his life was in most danger, in an attempt to pinpoint the true moment he was reborn, Artist.

Francesco Pedraglio, pajaro/piedra (in retrospect you'll find this beautiful) (2013)
Objects simply want to stay what they are - a rock as a rock, a bird as a bird - but perception is a telling act, a narrative machinery. pajaro/piedra (bird/rock) reflects on both the physical qualities of a banal found object (a rock, subsequently hand-copied in clay, then cast in porcelain) and the perception of it 'in motion', when transforming into an account of itself.

Olivier Castel, Messenger Wall (2013)
Where the wall separating the main space from the bar becomes a character in its own right. It is here to deliver a message.

Beth Collar, Hand of Glory (2013)
The hand sinking into vats of boiling toxic waste; the hand slipping from another's grip, falling into the abyss; the hand imploring God; imploring Satan.

Images are courtesy of the artist, Ceri Hand Gallery and Jerwood Space. Photos by Hydar Dewachi
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