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Jen Liu new commission...
05 September 2012

paraflows .7 - Reverse Engineering D.D. in the Year 0000
paraflows .7 - Reverse Engineering Festival fur digitale Kunst und Kulturen
Wien das weisse haus / Argentinierstrasse 11 / 1040 Wien
13. September - 20. Oktober 2012
Preview Thursday 13 September 7pm

D.D. was a famous woman, or D.D. was a decent man, or D.D. was a child of mischief, or D.D. was an old man with kerchief. D.D. was a whispering troll, or D.D. had a gaping hole, or D.D. invented the wall, or D.D. always wished she was tall. D.D. had the soul of a rabbit, or D.D. filled his life with habits. D.D. in the Year 0000 is either a somebody or a nobody. It is all true, or none of it is. If the world were to reset, what would we do with the resulting malleability of identity, history, and locale? When all reinforcements are gone, what can we keep, and what will blow away?

Jen Liu new commission...
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