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Ceri Hand Gallery is closing
17 March 2014

Dear friends and colleagues

Due to a change in fortunes for our backers, we regret we have to announce the closure of Ceri Hand Gallery from 30th April 2014.

We have not announced this before the launch of our current exhibition by Eleanor Moreton: Tales of Love and Darkness at 6 Copperfield Street, to avoid taking too much attention from the artist and her show, which is excellent in our view and a fitting sign off for the gallery.

This is very sad for us and our artists and no doubt may be a shock to many of our friends and followers.

We've counted ourselves lucky to have had such a wonderful group of artists who make great work- and to have enjoyed the company, support and friendship of many other artists, collectors, press and curators. Thank you.

Our brilliant artists will continue to make great work of course and Hannah and I will be finding new positions in the art world, within which to utilise our knowledge and further expand upon our experience with the gallery, and so look forward to our paths crossing again.

For the moment, thank you everyone. We've had a great time over these six years of Ceri Hand Gallery and hope to see many of you at the Eleanor Moreton show, which runs up until 12th April.

Yours, Ceri
Ceri Hand Gallery is closing
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