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Henny Acloque and Eleanor Moreton in Group show 'Fade Away', Transition Gallery
23 November 2010

03 December 2010 - 24 December 2010
Transition Gallery
Unit 25a (second floor) Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN

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Fade Away is the first in a series of survey-type exhibitions to be held at the gallery, which will each focus on a particular aspect of painting. This exhibition will feature paintings that oscillate between representation and abstraction. The premise is broad enough, allowing scope whilst providing an interesting visual discourse. There will be one work each by approx 40 established and emerging artists.

Artist's include:
Henny Acloque, Phillip Allen, Tim Bailey, Nathan Barlex, Mike Bartlett, Alice Browne, Lindsey Bull, Nick Carrick, Michelle Charles, Clem Crosby, Theo Cuff, Kaye Donachie, Sarah Douglas, Sarah Dwyer, Andrew Graves, Paul Housley, Thomas Hylander, Hannah Knox, Laura Lancaster, Robert Lang, Sarah Lederman, Eleanor Moreton, Mali Morris, Alex Gene Morrison, Nadia Mulder, Jill Mulleady, Mahali O’Hare, Scott O’Rourke, Joanna Pawlowska, Joanna Phelps, Benjamin Senior, Shaan Syed, Zack Thorne, Gavin Toye, Helen Turner, Claire Undy, David Webb, Robert Welch, Andy Wicks, Jo Wilmot.
Henny Acloque and Eleanor Moreton in Group show
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