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Bedwyr Williams in Group exhibition, 'THE LAST OF THE RED WINE (THE PREQUEL/SEQUEL)'
10 November 2011

Artists include:
Doug Fishbone, Hayley Newman, Kim Noble, Sally O’Reilly, Michelle Owoo, Colin Perry, Caroline Smith & Bedwyr Williams


Early in 2011 an unlikely group of artists, comedians and writers worked together on The Last of the Red Wine, a radio sitcom set in the artworld. Used to being the subject of their own work, the collaborators instead cast themselves in a collective farce, written and performed in the course of one week.

The next instalment of the sitcom at Project Arts Centre, The Last of the Red Wine (the prequel/sequel), dissects the mix of people and personalities involved in the original project and examines the processes of self-representation in their individual practices. Presented as a selection of videos and installations, it reveals the further absurdities of art and the artworld, as experienced by serious artists with ridiculous ideas.

Bedwyr Williams in Group exhibition,
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