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Rebecca Lennon exhibiting at Banner Repeater weekend event
20 January 2012

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The evening begins at Liverpool Street Station at 19.35pm.
Board the 19:45 train to Cheshunt five stops to Banner Repeater.
Promptness is essential, especially if prone to missing trains, and in this case missing the train means missing a one-time-only performance!
(If you're unable to catch this train, please still come to Banner Repeater for additional performances and readings from 8pm-9pm)

Ten Chapters is a new publication featuring works by: Davide Balliano, Ami Clarke, Emma Hart, Andrew Lanyon, Rebecca Lennon, Louisa Martin, Jenny Moore, Tamarin Norwood, Francesco Pedraglio, and Mónica Rivas. A fractured publishing project for which artists were invited to create chapters for a book that would never exist in book form, nor with all the chapters in one place. The individual chapters announce their arrival via an evolving contents page which diagrammatically charts the evolution of the book's existence though it's myriad and disparate events; performances, films, drawings, text, sculpture, and printed materials - each suggesting the nature of the book which itself continually escapes full comprehension.

This event marks Ten Chapters' first public outlet, and features chapters by Andrew Lanyon, Rebecca Lennon, Jenny Moore, Francesco Pedraglio and the very beginning of a chapter by Mónica Rivas.

Exhibition continues on 29th January.

Concept: Louisa Martin
Rebecca Lennon exhibiting at Banner Repeater weekend event
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