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Ceri Hand Gallery Internship opportunities
16 March 2012

Ceri Hand Gallery are currently seeking to recruit Interns, with a view to the Internship developing into a part or full time role with the gallery, which will be launching its new London base in the imminent future.

Internships currently offered include:
- Gallery Co-ordinator
- Sales Co-ordinator

Candidates should be able to provide a minimum of two days per week for three months (preferably longer), to support and contribute to co-ordinating exhibitions and events and supporting sales.

We will prioritise applications from individuals who have a contemporary arts background and have excellent communication and arts administration skills.

Travel and expenses will be covered and costs of attending any art fairs or special events will also be covered.

The first round of interview dates will be on March 26 – location, time and start date will be confirmed if the Applicant is successful.

Please visit Ceri's blog to download the Internship Information for Applicants and complete the Registration Form, emailing this along with your CV and covering letter to Or please email and we will email the forms directly to you.

Please expand upon why this opportunity is right for you, what you could bring to the gallery and how you might contribute to its development in London.

Please also state how much time you can commit to the internship.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Ceri Hand Gallery Internship opportunities
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