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JEN LIU and JANE BENSON perform in NYC
25 April 2012

348 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Sunday, April 29, 7-9pm

Soloway invites you to 'Performance: Folio', an evening of performances and readings by members of 2-UP in the backyard of the gallery. This event will celebrate the conclusion of 2-UP's exhibition 'Folio' currently on view in the gallery. Soloway will be open on Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and 29th from 12-5pm, and during the performance.

PAUL LEGAULT will perform an improvisational country blues rendition of his Translation Manifesto, accompanied by JOSEPH BRADSHAW, banjoist.

COLLEEN ASPER and MARIKA KANDELAKI will read from Hole: a collaborative-performative text, aimed at destroying the forms of patriarchy enveloping our imaginaries.

CATHY PARK HONG will read/perform.

JEN LIU and JANE BENSON will present a piece about the indefinable present, through a palindromic text score and shepard tones played on the 2 split halves of a cello. Thank you AARON CAMPBELL.

MORES MCWREATH will give a presentation, to dramatic effect.

(*RAIN DATE* Saturday, April 28, 7-9pm)

Over the past few years 2-UP has produced a series of poster publications. This has been the first group exhibition of the individual members' work in a gallery space. The exhibition is structured in 2 parts: a free newspaper that disassembles into 7 double-sided posters, and corresponding works in the gallery. Members of 2-UP participating in the exhibition are: Colleen Asper, Matthea Harvey, Christian Hawkey, Cathy Park Hong, Zerek Kempf, Benjamin Kress, Nathan Lee, Paul Legault, Jen Liu, Mores McWreath, Adam Shecter, Joe Winter, and Monika Zarzeczna.

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JEN LIU and JANE BENSON perform in NYC
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